What is the role of gratitude in your life, work, and leadership? This month we feature links to informative articles and thoughtful reflections from the Max De Pree Center (DPC) and around the web.

1. Gratitude that Defines Reality by Mark Roberts

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In Gratitude that Defines Reality, Executive Director Mark Roberts riffs on the familiar lines from Leadership Is an Art by Max De Pree: “The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you….” Mark’s post is a thoughtful reflection on actively defining reality through gratitude.

2. Gratitude Is the New Willpower​ by David DeSteno in HBR

"I am Thankful" written on a chalkboard.Can feeling grateful really affect our long-term thinking? Recent research reveals some unexpected side benefits of being thankful in this HBR article by psychologist David DeSteno. We can be grateful for…gratitude!

​3. The Big Benefits of a Little Thanks HBR Ideacast

Thank you writtenGratitude can affect our lives in surprisingly delightful ways! Francesca Gino and Adam Grant, of Harvard Business School and Wharton, respectively, discuss their research on gratitude and generosity. Listen to or read the transcript of their discussion here in The Big Benefits of a Little Thanks.

4. A Posture of Gratitude by Uli Chi in Life for Leaders

woods-280Seattle businessman Uli Chi is Vice Chair of the De Pree Center board and a Senior Fellow at DPC. In his reflection on the role of gratitude at work in the DPC’s daily digital devotional Life for Leaders, he looks at the ways Psalm 111 encourages us to look up and maintain a posture of gratitude.

5. 5 Simple Ways to Harness The Power of Gratitude At Work by Harvey Deutschendorf in Fast Company

Thank You in 5 different languagesA Templeton study discovered that many American workers experience minimal gratitude at work. “Who wants to work for an ungrateful boss? Nobody. So start saying thanks,” says Harvey Deutschendorf in 5 Simple Ways to Harness The Power of Gratitude At Work. For an equally insightful take on the study, read Five Ways to Cultivate Gratitude at Work​, by Jeremy Adam Smith at Greater Good​.

6. How important it is to learn to say thank you!  Max De Pree in his own words

Thank You! made of craft materialsLike leadership, expressing gratitude is an art. How important it is to learn to say thank you! is a mini-series that looks at what Max De Pree has to say about it and follows up with some questions to consider and gentle nudges to help us all learn to say thank you better.

7. Thanksgiving: Not Just a Day, But a Season by Mark Roberts

“The First Thanksgiving” by Jennie August Brownscombe, 1914‘Tis the season: For a deeper dive beyond the Thanksgiving Day’s turkey and stuffing, Mark Roberts explores—from a variety of perspectives—gratitude and reasons for expressing thanks in Thanksgiving: Not Just a Day, But a Season. Gratitude honors God, and it can also improve your life.​

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