Vaccarello-Finding-God-3Finding God in Silicon Valley is a fascinating website that wisely chronicles the presence of God’s kingdom in, you guessed it, Silicon Valley. Skip Vaccarello is the author of this website, which he fills with fascinating interviews, news stories, video clips, and the like. Skip has collected many of his stories in the book, Finding God in Silicon Valley. If you think of Silicon Valley as a place of godless technology and venture capitalism, Skip will help you to think again.

Speaking of venture capital, in a recent post on his website, Skip tells the story of Telos Ventures. This company is “a global gospel-centered community accelerator, coworking space and early-stage venture fund that encourages and equips entrepreneurs and investors to be on mission with God and make an impact on the world.” Skip’s article on Telos Ventures includes an in-depth interview with company founders, David Kim and Eric Quan. You’ll be impressed, as I was, with how deeply they have thought about the theological foundation for their work.

Elevate-2016-3Among the efforts sponsored by Telos Ventures is Elevate, which seeks “to elevate entrepreneurial excellence through a national faith-based business plan competition.” Elevate, a faith based business plan competition, hosts its national finals on Friday, April 1, 2016 in Silicon Valley. You can attend the finals by registering here. Learn more at the Elevate Facebook page.

It is encouraging to see, not only that God’s kingdom is thriving in Silicon Valley, but also that so many Christians are using their entreprenurial gifts for kingdom purposes, whether in the for-profit or non-profit realms.

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